“The Education Therapist”


Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pamela Jenkins, the founder of WAY Education Services. I am an educator, psychologist, writer and entrepreneur. My educational background includes a specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and a masters degree in Psychology. Most importantly, this organization was inspired by the last 15 years I have spent as a high school teacher in the Florida Public Education System.

Over the past 15 years, I have had many experiences that I hold to be highly valuable as I now offer what I have learned from observation and my own journey of personal growth. Through my writings, I hope to empower students, teachers and administrators alike to tell their stories of hardship and triumph in and out of the classroom.

I personally see the need now more than ever for students to be equipped with the knowledge to live a more meaningful life. Life is about order and principle which is rarely ever taught in our schools. My passion is to educate the student on life principles that will continue to educate long after their formal education is complete. This type of education will be lifelong and well worth the study. Let's call it Life 101.

In all of the years as a classroom teacher, I discovered that what we learn about ourselves is the greatest lesson of all. Mainstream education only teaches a small sector of what is important in life. There is so much more to a student than what we currently address in the classroom. We learn by instruction but more importantly, we learn by what we discuss, personally experience and teach others.

I have discovered that it is vital to educate the entire student, not just the intellectual part of the student. Every student has gifts, talents and abilities. Those gifts and talents should be nurtured and developed in such a way that the student is left with a life lived on purpose. A life that has meaning and value. This is a life worth living!