Infection and essential oils

Pamela Jenkins

It is no secret that the world of natural medicine is getting very popular these days. With all the dependence upon antibiotics, even medical physicians are advocating the need for natural medicine. This usually comes in the form of probiotics to provide support while taking antibiotics.

Most people understand the long-term complications of antibiotic use and have chosen to seek nutrition for support. If you have ever used essential oils, you will quickly discover that they can help treat all sorts of ailments, both emotional and physical. You probably are familiar with some of the more popular ones like lavender and tea tree oil.

There are of course those skeptics out there that have never tried them and are missing out on all the benefits. I was once one of those skeptics until I started to pay attention to the world around me. Because of my own curiosity, I literally turned into a detective, constantly reading labels on consumer products.

If you start to pay close attention, you will find that essential oils are in many well-known products such as toothpaste, hair care products, soaps, vapor rubs, cleaning products, etc. Why in the world would we be adding essential oils to products if they were not a major benefit to our health? That, specifically, sold me on the importance of the use of essential oils.

Many well-known celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are known for their use of natural products and homeopathic remedies. It is no wonder that even the rich and famous are turning to nature for healing. It works!

Through my own research and personal experience, I have come to benefit from the use of many essential oils. There are literally hundreds of uses for these incredible natural resources. Check out some of the ones that Dr. Axe recommends


I will just mention a few that are known to combat and destroy various bacterial and viral infections. Although, don’t just take my word for it, do your own research and experimentation.

Here are some of the top essential oils that have been reported to assist in healing by eliminating infection in the body.

- Thyme Oil  
- Clove Oil  
- Lemongrass Oil   
- Oregano Oil 
- Cinnamon Oil   
- Eucalyptus Oil
- Tea Tree Oil  
- Lavender Oil 
- Frankincense Oil

There are several others that are reported to aid in the healing process as well as provide emotional support. If you have not read my blog entitled "Emotional Health and Essential Oils," I encourage you to read it as well since the emotional body and the physical body are interconnected.